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MetaRotts is a cryptocurrency for a decentralized platform aiming to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by pioneering the first ever Explore2Earn ecosystem: The ROTTSVERSE.


Coming soon.


MetaRotts Token

MetaRotts is the main token of our RottsVerse, which will be used as a currency to buy what you want, and as a reward with our new Explore 2 Earn model. Full details coming soon.


The Rotts Comic Series aims to educate and entertain simultaneously. Chapter by chapter, the series will focus on key fundamentals of blockchain technology in order to provide a unique learning experience for all kinds of audiences.


The Rotts Show is the world’s first blockchain inspired animated series! It will follow Reyam and the Rotts Family as they struggle against injustice in Doge City. Learn more about Reyam Rotts and his children as they venture through Doge City within the ROTTSVERSE.


The first MetaRotts NFTs are launching soon. This genesis collection will depict Reyam Rotts, the main character of the ROTTS Show. Learn more about how our Explore2Earn ecosystem will create utility for members through benefits including but not limited to automatic whitelisting and future airdrops.


What is the vision behind MetaRotts DeFi?

MetaRotts DeFi envisions a future where the revolutionary ROTTSVerse establishes itself as a source of passive income through leveraging the metaverse lifestyle.

What is the ROTTSVerse?

The blockchain metaverse will incorporate all MetaRotts projects into one and will create a world where digital assets hold the greatest value. The Rotts Show, Rotts Revolution NFTs, and Rotts Comic Book Series will be incorporated within the Explore2Earn world.

What does Explore2Earn mean?

The Explore2Earn model will enable diverse communities to interact and scale together within The ROTTSVerse. The Explore2Earn Model was borne out of the belief that the play2earn model is inherently too restrictive to build a metaverse upon. The play2earn model is geared towards gamers looking to earn from their playtime, as opposed to a model geared towards inclusivity for all audiences. We found it necessary to reconceptualize the metaverse by envisioning a model offering utility for everyone.

What is The Rotts Show?

The Rotts Show is the worlds first cryptocurrency world inspired animated series! It will follow The Rotts Family as they bite back against injustice in Doge City!

What is The Rotts Comic Book Series?

The first ROTTSVerse comic book will leave readers turning pages and asking for more. It will act as an educational and informative medium for explorers to learn more about blockchain technology.

What marketing approaches will MetaRotts DeFi utilize to grow the community?

The MetaRotts have partnered with two specialized marketing agencies. One based in New York to work on blockchain-specific content, strategy, and creative digital marketing assets. The other is in London and it focuses on programmatic ad campaigns to help increase outreach.

Which social media platforms is MetaRotts DeFi currently on?

The information provided by us is in no way a holistic analysis on market trends or purchasing patterns and does not intend to create contractual obligations in any explicit or implicit manner. All choices and investments should be thoroughly researched before they are made. We advise everyone interested in joining our community to fully educate themselves before making any financial decisions. We thoroughly encourage you to DYOR prior to participating in our ecosystem.

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